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KN95 Self-Priming Filter Anti-Particulate Disposable Mask-RT600

  • KN95 Anti-Bacterial Protective Mask with Filter
  • KN95 Respirator (Bacterial Filtration > 95%) is a genuine FDA approved and globally accepted piece of facial safety wear.
  • These facial masks contain a filter for better air passing and breathe-ability.
  • Each product is multi-use and offers the highest standard of protective care against the coronavirus as they are 5-layered masks.
  • These respirators are manufactured based on International GB2626-2006 KN95 standards.
  • These masks are suitable against all kinds of particulate matter including Micro-organisms, smoke, and dust.
  •  These Respirators aren’t locally manufactured and are a genuine Imported product.
  • They offer much more significant protection as compared to many of the local protective wear’s being manufactured and sold in Pakistan as they don’t comply with the International safety standards.
Other Features include:

1) Bacteriostasis
2) Anti-Smog
3) Dust Proof