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BrandsEgo offers to customers the best slippers for men in Pakistan. We have the highest quality men's slippers in Pakistan for the most affordable prices. Slippers that are great for everyday use, get the best slipper at BrandsEgo.Shop for men's designer slippers only at BrandsEgo. Rock your casual look with the best slippers. Think slippers are just for walking around outside? Think again! Slipper, winter boots, and dressy Oxfords will always have their place! but we think you should slip into something a little more comfortable with a slipper for men from BrandsEgo! 

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When you think of the most relaxed style of footwear for guys, the men's flip flop is sure to make the list. These humble, yet globally loved casual shoes, have quite a long and interesting history behind them. It all began in ancient Egypt when they came up with something they called! foot coverings’ which were made of rawhide or papyrus! which were the materials then easily available to them. The next significant mention of such sandals can be traced back to 1920 when in Japan rubber slippers were manufactured for beachwear.

They become hugely popular in the South Pacific region! because they were woven, which took the least effort to clean them. It was not until this design of the men's flip flop traveled to Hawaii, America, in the 1940s, that they became synonymous with the local island culture. In Pakistan too it is possible! the most widely owned footwear due to comfort! cost and convenience. We will explore various men's flip-flops that you are likely to come across when shopping.

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Below is an overview of the collections of some brands on our platform for men's Slippers.


Here is a brand that has become synonymous with the clog style which has become their hallmark. You can choose between the off-road sport, solid, or boyband collections which are all unique in their look. All of them have the standard backstrap but vary in their thickness as well as accents. There are also very durable thong-style men's Slippers to choose from.

United Colors of Benetton.

Their collection of slider-style slippers is worth mentioning because of their balanced design. All the pairs are minimal in their look which is what makes them stand apart from the rest. You can also choose from their thong strap pairs which have printed straps and are good for everyday wear.