Sponge Eye Shadow Brush assorted-SK0322

  • Tips are Constructed with a Soft Sponge Material,Very comfortable.
  • Disposable Sponge Eyeshadow Applicator :eye shadow applicators to use to make pastel drawings using pancake pastels.
  • They are perfect for the job and so infinitely cheaper than the color applicators sold for the purpose. 
  • These applicators hold an appropriate amount of color and blend colors beautifully.
  • Dual sided sponges:They are perfect for applying all over eyeshadow without having to clean brushes, or for testing colors.
  • you can using them for nail polish, making different manicures!
  • With the beauty products  eyeshadow primer, eye creams, the original applicator tends to pick up traces of those products and then gets into the eyeshadow palette itself