N95 Self-Priming Filter Anti-Particulate Respirator Disposable Mask-NA11468

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  • N95 Anti-Bacterial Protective Mask with Filter
  • N95 Respirator (Bacterial Filtration > 95%) is a genuine FDA approved and globally accepted piece of facial safety wear.
  • These facial masks contain a filter for better air passing and breathe-ability.
  • Each product is multi-use and offers the highest standard of protective care against the coronavirus as they are 5-layered masks.
  • These respirators are manufactured based on International GB2626-2006 N95 standards.
  • These masks are suitable against all kinds of particulate matter including Micro-organisms, smoke, and dust.
  • These Respirators aren’t locally manufactured and are a genuine Imported product.
  • They offer much more significant protection as compared to many of the local protective wear’s being manufactured and sold in Pakistan as they don’t comply with the International safety standards.
  • (Non-Medical)
  • Other Features include:
  • 1) Bacteriostasis
  • 2) Anti-Smog
  • 3) Dust Proof