EXCEL PARIS Long Lasting Lip Gloss-NA7035

  • Specification
  • Type: Lip Gloss
  • Benefit: Moisturizer,Hydrating,Nutritious,Other
  • NET WT: 6g
  • Size(Approx): 10*2cm.
  • Material: Environmental protection material.
  • Color:As the picture show
  • Instructions for use:
  • start painting corners and contours. Special attention must, otherwise it will be very easy to fall off. Apply the best methods from the lip should be central to lateral 1.1 points to make up, and contour parts to try to paint thinner.
  • use tie in lipsticks or lip liner, lip gloss from painted lips lipstick, suitable for combined with avant-garde nature or fully modern lipstick.
  • the lip color coating in the central part of the upper and lower lips, not coated profiles section, will make the lips look more solid, lips fuller.
  • all lips covered in lip gloss, lips, more vivid, making dissemination of shiny, transparent and translucent makeup.
  • use lip gloss eye and face, let its guest it eye shadow and blush. Lip gloss texture is soft and natural, so you don’t have to worry that this will hurt the delicate skin. If in keeping with glitter effects, will shape the image of a colorful, shiny, feel a whole new you.
  • Package Included:
  • 1x Non-stick Cup Matte Lip Gloss