Ciaté London Geltox Starter Nail Kit-NA6237

    • Description

    Treat yourself to a salon perfect manicure in the comfort of your own home and accentuate your favourite nail polish by turning it into a gel manicure with this Geltox Starter Nail Kit by Ciaté London. You’ll see astonishing results in just 60 seconds!

    This innovative nail kit comes with a Geltox® Top Coat, an LED UV Lamp, a hoof stick, a Geltox® Cleanser and a 4-way buffer. After prepping and painting your nails with the Geltox® Top Coat, the LED UV lamp will instantly dry and nurture your nails, boosting their shine and colour for a long-lasting, professional result. The kit is formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates. – N.P. 

    The set contains: 

    • 0.42 oz Geltox® Top Coat 
    • LED lamp 
    • Hoof stick 
    • 1.05 oz Geltox® Cleanser 
    • 4-way Buffer 

    Directions for use: 

    • Cleanse your nails with the Geltox® Cleanser on a cotton pad and remove all traces of dirt.
    • Shape your nails with the 4-way buffer and apply a layer of base coat.
    • Paint your nails with your shade of choice. Let them dry for 30 minutes.
    • Once your nails are dry, apply a layer of Geltox® top coat. Avoid contact on the skin and wipe away any stray with the cleanser and the hoof stick.
    • Place your fingertips under the Geltox® LED lamp, press the activator and start the cure that is pre-set to dry your nails in 60 seconds.
    • In case your nails are sticky after use, cleanse them with the Geltox® Cleanser.